The Checkpoint

with Leslie Haskin
Help improve the racial climate in America. Join New York Times Best-Selling Author Leslie Haskin at The Checkpoint; a weekly podcast at the corner of faith and culture having smart conversations that heal.

Guests are honest and passionate; without pointing fingers or exacting guilt. Conversations are thought provoking and real, with solutions that guide us toward “unracializing” our communities and our churches.


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10/16- The Cultural Diversity Dialog - A Judgement Free Zone
S1E6:What's the difference between dialog and debate? Leslie speaks with couple Adrienne and Rob Lemke about diversity, inclusion and raising biracial children.
This dynamic duo show us how it's done. Dont miss it!
10/23- THE WALLS COME DOWN - This Revolution Wont Start Itself
S1E7: What will it take to tear down strong walls of racial separation? Is racism real or perceived? Host, Leslie Haskin is reflective about generational beliefs and today’s hot topics. Sharing her beliefs on the cause and the cure for racism, her insight introduces a new way of thinking about race. Uplifting & Encouraging.
10/30- THE BIRACIAL DISORDER - What this world is coming to
S1E7: What impact does raising a black male child have on white mothers? How does a white family teach a black child to navigate the racial issues of our current society? Leslie speaks with literary agent, Greg Johnson about his personal biracial family dynamic.

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